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Novel Education Group provides all-inclusive homeschooling programs for students of all ages and grade levels (K-12). Our full-service program packages mean all teachers, classes, planning, materials, and accreditation are included in one monthly fee. Whether the goal is getting accepted into a top tier university or efficiently earning a fully accredited diploma, we can help. In fact, the best way to ensure the highest academic quality and most effective plan of action for your student’s educational path is to personally design and guide their comprehensive schooling experience, from course selection to extracurriculars to enrichment programs. Students are hands-on with their courses including core subjects and electives, which can range from AP-Calculus and Honors Economics to guitar, culinary courses, and film studies. Upon graduation, all students receive accredited and well-reputed high school diplomas, recognized at all top universities, in the U.S. and internationally.


Custom Curriculums & Enrichment Programs


Our Specialized Enrichment Programs are concentrated 4-12 week programs that are tailored within a specific discipline and fit your student’s goals. Enrichment Programs can be skill-specific or subject specific. Our in-house curriculum design team works with families to create curriculums that are aimed to work on fundamental academic skills (reading, writing, math) while themed around the passions or interests of the student.

We also provide U.S. Accredited Supplementary Courses to help cultivate students’ interests, which they can continue to pursue in college and beyond. Whether students are enrolled in homeschool full-time, attend traditional local school or private boarding school, supplementary courses include AP & Honors-level courses in subjects that high schools may not offer during the school year. Whether they want to add weight to their graduating GPA, get ahead, or learn more about a particular subject, supplementary courses set students apart. These can be taken over summer or during the school year.


Private Tutoring, Virtual Tutoring & Test Prep


We offer subject-specific and elective course tutoring for all grade levels and subjects as well as standardized test-prep for those including SAT, ACT, ISEE and others. Our tutoring is based on a personalized approach designed to meet student’s needs, build confidence, deliver results, and ultimately inspire them to love whatever it is they want to learn. Our tutors and are closely vetted experts in their respective subjects and we ensure they are compatible with each individual student and learning style. Our tutors help students develop the tools and skills needed to reach their goals and achieve long-term success. Tutoring fees are hourly based.


College & Academic Advising


Novel’s global partnership with premier college consultant, Command Education, is designed to give students a competitive edge when applying to university and allows students to start the preparation process at any age. With an unparalleled 94% acceptance rate into students’ top-3 choice school and expertise in targeting Ivy Leagues, Command and Novel encourage flexibility so students can explore their passions, even before their first year of college, giving students an advantage and helping them stand out to top schools. Our Mentors — who are all Ivy League and top-10 graduates — provide hands-on guidance to students and parents through the entire application process. The signature Roadmap Package provides comprehensive application guidance: course planning, academic & extracurricular guidance, test prep timelines, essay & resume review, interview preparation, internship recommendations & support, and school selection strategy. Our services also include private elementary and high school applications. With all packages, we give students individualized attention to relieve stress, bolster EQ and confidence, maximize results, and find the best fit for students to thrive.








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