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Tailored homeschooling programs for students of all ages and grade levels (K-12). Students have the option to enroll in full time or part time courses and we take care of the rest. Our teachers are responsible for all lesson planning, pacing, communication with the school and supplementary work. Whether the goal is getting accepted into a top tier university or efficiently earning a fully accredited diploma, we can help.

Private Tutoring, Virtual Tutoring & Test Prep


Subject-specific and elective course tutoring for all grade levels and subjects as well as standardized test-prep including SAT, ACT, AP, ISEE and others. Our tutoring is based on a personalized approach designed to meet students’ needs, build confidence, deliver results, and ultimately inspire them to love learning.

Remote Learning and Traveling Families


Students stay enrolled in their current school while learning with an expert Novel teacher. This new form of education offers a more flexible learning schedule with condensed school hours allowing for more time outside of school to travel and pursue passions/interests.

College & Academic Advising


As experts in curriculum design, inclusive pedagogy theory and the best practices in educational development, we will assess and develop recommendations for an academic plan and help you transition into an alternative approach to learning. We help with everything from targeting personal educational goals to helping you start homeschooling in accordance with your state’s regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a private tutor?

It’s a popular belief that private tutors are only needed for students who don’t understand their course materials. But even if your child is doing well, there are many reasons to consider adding a private tutor to their routine! But when should I get a private tutor?
– When you lack motivation: Even if you are doing fine academically, it can take a lot of work and motivation to actually do the work. Tutors can be an incredible resource for students by providing new exciting ways to teach the material or by helping them learn skills such as self-pacing their assignments.
– When you are excelling in school: Tutors are great resources for students who are thriving in school because they can help them stay engaged with more rigorous materials and introduce them to advanced topics/subjects not covered in their class or grade.
– When you lack excitement: Learning should be fun, and if you are not engaged with what you are learning, a tutor can help change that by presenting lessons in a more exciting way or by helping you find a personal connection to your studies.
– When you want to pursue an interest: Tutors are great resources for students who want to pursue personal projects or participate in activities they can’t do at school. Want to learn about nutrition, art chemistry or fashion?
– When you are struggling with school: Whether you are struggling to grasp a concept or lack organization and time management skills, tutors are valuable for helping students understand material and build executive functioning abilities.

Do I have to be my student's teacher?

The short answer, no! Parents often think they have to be the one to teach their child, but what makes us so unique is we provide you with not only all materials and curriculum, but also a professional teacher to oversee all aspects of learning.  So you can go to work, travel or run errands knowing that your student is receiving proper help and guidance from a compatible, qualified teacher. We offer in-person or virtual tutors, as well as traveling and on-call tutors to facilitate private one-on-one learning while accommodating any schedule and lifestyle as needed.

Do homeschoolers lack socialization?

Homeschooling generally has a positive impact on social skills because it allows students the freedom to engage more deeply and in more kinds of community activities than they typically could do in the confines of conventional public and private schools. Many homeschooled children are used to being around kids and adults of different ages and abilities. They are involved in their communities, interacting with merchants, the elderly, younger children, their peers, their relatives, and people from all walks of life!

Are homeschoolers stuck in their house all day?

One of the most common misconceptions about homeschooling is that homeschoolers are always home. But in reality, it is rare to find homeschooled children spending many days in their house. They can travel with their families, participate in activities, coordinate field trips and play sports! As a homeschooled teen you can even work or volunteer in your community.

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