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Our Story

Tiffany Sorya founded Novel Education Group in 2014. She is a renowned influencer and thought leader in the education industry, widely recognized for spearheading a fundamental change in the way young people engage with education in the digital age. Her philosophies are rooted in open and flexible teaching methods that focus on students’ passions and individualized learning styles rather than on the monotony of traditional curriculum and standardized pace seen in conventional school settings.

Tiffany discovered her passion for teaching in college and upon graduating she had created her own successful teaching philosophy that transformed homeschooling and tutoring programs throughout Southern California.

Tiffany’s untraditional teaching styles quickly gained attention as she was hired to be the personal educator for many high-profile clients. With Tiffany’s educational philosophy, her students were able to spend more time exploring their passions and reach career success at a young age.

Overall, Novel’s alumni include actors, influencers, international business leaders, tech moguls, professional athletes and renowned artists. Novel Education continues to grow its list of clientele globally, successfully advancing Tiffany’s uniquely innovative education philosophies.

Our Philosophy

Novel is working to break negative connotations surrounding school by bringing a new perspective to education. Knowledge is cool and helping students develop a love for learning by finding their passions and exploring their interests is our fundamental approach.

Who We Are

Novel Education Group is a top-rated homeschooling & academic enrichment agency that services clients nationally and internationally. We have provided reliable and fully-accredited homeschooling and remote learning opportunities for families since 2014. 

Our Clients


Kendall Jenner

Kylie Jenner

Truly & Truice Young

Virginia Keeney

Our Partner

Together with our partner Command Education, Novel Education Group is spearheading a fundamental change in how we perceive and experience education in our digital age.

Command Education

Novel’s global partnership with Command Education, a high-end New York based college consultancy, exemplifies The Newest Wave of Education — providing students and families with exclusive and comprehensive services at every stage of the entire educational process. It is designed to give students a competitive edge through flexibility, specialized enrichment programs, and full-service college prep.




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