“Kendall and Kylie’s lives transformed when they started with Novel Education Group. They were performing poorly in school due to constantly missing classes as the regular 8am-4pm school day clashed with their budding careers. The girls also weren’t able to fully be creative in the typical school setting, which kept them disinterested. Kendall and Kylie were able to not only choose the courses they wanted to but also create a schedule that fit with their busy lifestyles. Novel Education Group allowed them to both graduate high school and build a successful career at the same time.”

KRIS JENNERBusiness Mogul

“Thanks for all your help with Owen. I can’t really describe what a difference you made, but it was well beyond helping him with test taking. You are a wonderful role model as an intelligent, articulate, and fun young adult and I know he grew a lot in maturity and enjoyment of learning because of his time with you.”

VIRGINIA KEENEYSuperior Court Judge for Los Angeles County

“I wanted to home school my daughter for a while but was never confident enough to do it on my own. Novel provided the necessary support and guidance in choosing the best school, providing professional tutors and overseeing the homeschooling process. I got the best of both worlds, home schooling and professional supervision, through Novel.”

BESSMA AL SAUDEntrepreneur, Riyadh Saudi Arabia