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Summer Courses 2022

Join Novel Education Group and our partner, Laurel Springs, this summer in earning accreditation over summer. Our summer courses  drive students to grow academically outside of the traditional school year. Students kindergarten through grade 12 can take one semester and year long courses condensed into 6 and 12 weeks to earn credit for the next school year! Whether you’d like to work ahead, retake a course or ensure successful and efficient completion of a required class, our accredited summer courses are the best option!

Complete 1 semester or 1 year’s worth of school credit in just 6 or 12 weeks

Course Offerings

View the full selection for our 6 and 12-week accredited Summer programs below. Whether you’re looking to catch up, add weight to your GPA, explore your interests, or boost your resume, our summer courses are perfect for you!

Earn Accreditation with Laurel Springs

Our partner, Laurel Springs School, is the leader in accredited online education for grades K-12. They are ranked as one of the top online private schools in America, having a rigorous and personalized curriculum built around each student’s passions. Laurel Springs’ online program helps students grow and excel academically and personally while maintain flexible learning schedules and a variety of academic experiences.

Registration Information


First courses begin April 6th with continued rolling enrollment

All electives are only available as one semester (6 week) courses

REGISTRATION DEADLINES:  6-week: July 15th  |  12-week: June 17th

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